with a promise to transform academia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ‘The Academic College’ launches today as a better way for academics to collaborate and share knowledge with the public after lockdown. Through a built-for-purpose interactive web platform and video channel they aim to serve two core objectives — to foster better collaboration between academics, and to create public educational resources to make learning more accessible for everyone.

Remote learning becoming necessary in universities over the last year has immersed academics in new digital education tools. These experiences create huge potential for furthering the profession in new and dynamic ways. But often universities’ institutional control over teaching and…

Are you an academic who lives in one city and works in another?

There’s actually a ton of us scattered around the country crisscrossing on trains just to get into the office.

What if after this wretched pandemic was over we all work together in both places?

Why don’t we gather based on where we live rather than where we work?

In the past six months, we’ve drawn on the latest social science and arts research to set up a novel civic structure, an interactive web platform and a community interest company we’re calling The Academic College.

Let’s organize…

Number 93: #USSbriefs93

Eric Lybeck, University of Manchester
Adam Ganz, Royal Holloway, University of London
Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex
Jaya Jaya John, University of Oxford
Claire Marris, City, University of London
Warren Pearce, University of Sheffield
Philip Garnett, University of York
Leon Rocha, University of Lincoln

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Since the publication of USSbriefs92 on 12 March 2020, much has changed around universities’ response to the global Covid-19 crisis. Having only just returned to work on 16 March following the as-yet unresolved industrial dispute, academics, professional services staff and students have been forced to transition to a different…

Number 15: #USSbriefs15

Eric Lybeck, University of Exeter

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The pensions dispute has drawn into focus a problem many UK academics have become acutely aware of recently: the rise of unaccountable VCs (vice chancellors); and, beneath them a cadre of senior managers dispensing policy and audits from the top down, while removing accountability and transparency for themselves. Before the dispute, this problem became most apparent with regard to VCs setting their own exorbitant pay. Of course, some local UCU (University and College Union) branches found their good VCs out on the picket line with…

Eric R Lybeck

Historical sociologist of universities

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